4 Homegrown Canadian Fashion and Beauty Brands You Must Try

There has never been a better time to support local businesses and brands. With all the things happening in the world and lockdowns and quarantines impacting local economies, we must stand together and support each other.

We found some great homegrown brands that you can support and share with friends and family.


This brand was created by a mother and daughter and is based on their Anishinaabe culture. Their pieces are original and beautiful and very popular. You can find and support them on Instagram.

Angela DeMontigny

4 Homegrown Canadian Fashion and Beauty Brands You Must Try 1 - 4 Homegrown Canadian Fashion and Beauty Brands You Must Try

Angela is a fashion designer who creates beautiful pieces of clothing from leather. She also designs and creates accessories and jewellery items that include leather, suede, and metals.

Sḵwálwen Botanicals

Sḵwálwen Botanicals is owned and run by ethnobotanist Leigh Joseph. She uses natural ingredients and her knowledge of plants to create skincare products. She makes use of sustainable formulas and has great respect for the earth.

Mother Earth Essentials

Mother Earth Essentials was founded by Carrie Armstrong. She is a Cree woman who uses the knowledge and skills she learned from the medicine women who came before her to create natural beauty products. Her products are available at several Canadian stores.

These are only a few of the talented and inspiring brands that are proudly Canadian. You will find many more such brands and products once you start looking. Some are available in stores while others are only available to buy through online channels. When you find them, support them, and help keep their businesses going.